John Battle & Associates
Electronic Circuit Design Consulting
2620 Dove Creek Lane, Suite B
Pasadena, California 91107 USA
Phone: (626) 709-6208

John Battle John Battle has over forty years of "hands-on" experience as an electronic design engineer, working for such organizations as Texas Instruments, Stanford Research Institute and NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory. He is a registered Microchip consultant and has experience with (primarily Xilinx) FPGA's using Verilog as well as RF/Microwave circuits of all sorts. His lab is well equipped for RF/Microwave as well as analog and high speed digital development.

John Battle & Associates provides both turnkey project development as well as specific problem solutions. Experience includes:
  • RFcircuit esign thru 10.5 HGz
  • Radar/Communication/Avionics Systems
  • Microstrip & Antenna Design
  • Analog and Digital Circuit Design
  • FPGA Based Digital Design and Programming (Xilinx)
  • Microprocessor Based Design and Programming (registered Microchip consultant)
  • Hardware Prototype Development and Testing
  • Prototype PC Board Layout (Eagle)
  • Filter Design & Circuit Analysis
  • Linux (this is an "All Linux" shop)

Dollar SignRates & Compensation

  • Circuit Design and Testing: $90.00 / hour
  • PCB Layout: $52.00 / hour
Payments and Deposits
  • Deposit of 35% of estimated job cost to start project
  • Balance payable on completion of job.
  1. All intellectual property delivered to client upon completion of job.
  2. Travel expenses billed at actual cost with receipts.
  3. Subcontract work (PCB and Enclosure Fabrication) billed at actual cost.
  4. Component Costs billed at actual cost plous shipping.

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